Thanksgiving (2023) movie is INSANE | Horror Movie Review, Ranked

Anticipation and Disappointment: The Enigmatic Borderlands Project (Thanksgiving (2023) movie is INSANE | Horror Movie Review). A few years ago, Eli Roth embarked on the ambitious journey of creating a movie called Borderlands, triggering unparalleled excitement within me.

However, the lingering anticipation for this cinematic venture turned into a source of disappointment, as there was still no sneak peek or indication of progress.

The void left by the absence of updates on Borderlands left fans, myself included, in a state of uncertainty and perplexity.

Rumors and Skepticism: Navigating Eli Roth’s Filmography

In the midst of this unresolved anticipation, Eli Roth revealed a new horror movie that had everyone buzzing. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for this project was dampened by unsettling rumors that surfaced. Admittedly, the production of Borderlands and Eli Roth’s overall filmography failed to align with my tastes.

While some moments were enjoyable, others left much to be desired, creating a sense of inconsistency. Roth’s cinematic style, a blend of fun and occasional disappointment, did not always resonate with my preferences.

Thanksgiving (2023) movie: A Pleasant Surprise Amid Doubt

Contrary to expectations, Thanksgiving emerged as a delightful surprise. This slasher horror film defied my initial reservations, transforming into an unexpected treasure. Thanksgiving, despite its association with ruined turkey dinners, became an integral part of my annual Thanksgiving traditions.

It injected a thrilling and slightly macabre element into the festivities, offering a unique and enjoyable cinematic experience. The film achieved the unimaginable, making me associate Thanksgiving with suspenseful horror.

Thanksgiving (2023) movie: A Pleasant Surprise Amid Doubt

The Thanksgiving (2023) movie Plot Unveiled: A Mysterious Killer in Plymouth

For those unfamiliar with Thanksgiving, the movie unfolds in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the birthplace of the infamous holiday. The storyline kicks off after a Black Friday riot ends tragically, paving the way for a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer to terrorize the town.

Directed and written by Eli Roth, Thanksgiving draws inspiration from the Grindhouse era, particularly the fake trailers preceding films like Machete. It’s a culmination of Roth’s persistent efforts, and the result appears to be in line with his distinctive directorial style.

Over-the-Top Delight: Scream Meets Halloween in Thanksgiving

Attempting to categorize Thanksgiving, one could describe it as an over-the-top fusion of Scream and Halloween. This characterization extends to every facet of the film, exemplified by the opening sequence of the Black Friday riot.

If the viewer doesn’t align with this tone from the outset, engagement with the movie becomes challenging, and it risks being dismissed as absurd. Understanding that horror, much like comedy, is a highly subjective genre, Thanksgiving demands a specific taste.

Navigating the Horror Landscape: From Eye Rolls to Entertainment

Approaching Thanksgiving, my initial eye-rolling response to its over-the-top nature gave way to unexpected enjoyment. While it started with a tone reminiscent of a video-on-demand, straight-to-DVD production, the movie’s superior production budget elevated it above typical indie films.

Once past the initial exaggeration, Thanksgiving unfolded into an engaging exploration of the slasher genre. The film’s transition from satire to a mysterious plot around the killer’s identity added layers of enjoyment.

No Big Scares, Just Fun: The Essence of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving doesn’t aim to deliver significant scares; instead, it thrives on providing a fun and entertaining experience. Jump scares add a thrilling element, with some managing to catch even the most seasoned horror enthusiasts off guard.

The movie captivates through its narrative, keeping viewers engaged without relying on major frights. As I watched, I found myself entertained and immersed in the story, appreciating the balance between suspense and amusement.

Issues and Recommendations: A Balanced Critique

While Thanksgiving exceeded my initial expectations, it wasn’t without its issues. The film’s pacing and length, clocking in at approximately an hour and 47 minutes, could have benefited from trimming around 10 minutes.

A certain roundabout quality in the plot, intended to amplify mystery, felt somewhat excessive, occasionally stretching the film’s length unnecessarily. Despite these concerns, Thanksgiving delivered precisely what I anticipated, albeit with a slight improvement over my expectations.

Conclusion: Thanksgiving – A New Holiday Horror Tradition

In conclusion, Thanksgiving proved to be one of Eli Roth’s better films, surprising even someone not entirely aligned with his cinematic wavelength. The film successfully carved a niche for itself as a new holiday horror tradition, combining elements of scream-worthy horror with a Halloween-esque mysterious atmosphere.

While not claiming a position among the best films ever made, Thanksgiving stands as a recommendation for those seeking a brutal yet enjoyable horror experience, especially during the festive season.

As the year comes to a close, Thanksgiving serves as a welcome addition to the horror genre, a delightful and macabre treat for those craving a cinematic thrill.

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