The Untold Story of Thanksgiving: From Pilgrim Rejoice to Modern Controversies! 🦃🍂 | Discover the Roots Beyond 1939!

Happy Thanksgiving! |Dickens Christmas | Turkey Trot. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as one of the national holidays with great enthusiasm and ceremony. This happy day falls on the fourth Thursday of every November and holds an important place in the hearts of Americans, rivaling even Christmas and Halloween. let’s explore the Story of Thanksgiving and celebrate Thanksgiving! | Dickens Christmas | Turkey Trot

The celebration includes elaborate displays of culinary skills, including traditional dishes such as turkey, vegetables, stuffing, and various dishes.

Historical Roots of Thanksgiving |True Story of Thanksgiving

To understand why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, we have to delve deeper into its origins, even before 1939 when President Franklin D.

Roosevelt officially made it a national holiday. The roots of Thanksgiving can be traced back three centuries to 1621, when the Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts, first observed what we now know as Thanksgiving.

Historical Roots of Thanksgiving |True Story of Thanksgiving

The reasons behind this celebration have both religious and moral dimensions. From a religious perspective, the American Church views Thanksgiving as an expression of gratitude to a faithful God who guided the Pilgrims during their challenging journey from England.

It is also seen as an acknowledgment of God’s faithfulness and goodness. However, to maintain a secular focus, we avoid falling into religious dogma.

From Pilgrim Rejoice Controversies

In 1620, a group of 102 travelers set out on a 65-day voyage aboard the famous English ship the Mayflower. Unfortunately, only half of them survived the harsh winter and starvation. Despite significant loss of life and property, the Pilgrims had reason to celebrate when they reached Plymouth in 1621.

They experienced a bountiful harvest and invited the Wampanoag, Native Americans, to join in the festivities, leading to the tradition of Thanksgiving.

It was not until 1623 that Governor William Bradford officially named and ordered the commemoration of Thanksgiving. Festivities during the original celebration, which lasted three days, included enjoying cod, lobster, venison, and goose, which were quite different from the turkey and stuffing usually associated with modern Thanksgiving.

The celebration continued sporadically until 1789 when President George Washington declared it a national holiday. However, it was not observed consistently until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln officially declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday during the American Civil War.

Despite controversies over time, dates, traditions, and purpose, President Franklin D. Roosevelt consolidated modern times and dates in 1939.

Despite its long history, some Native Americans actively oppose the celebration of Thanksgiving. They see it as glorifying the displacement of their ancestors by colonial powers, who they believe stole their lands and spread diseases. Others reject holidays for religious reasons.

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